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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Cost of the "Green Revolution" in Denmark

Here is a comment that was made on the Peak Moment site after this person from Denmark watched our video interview: 

Tonny Nielsen says:
How amazingly lovely, I've dreamed of gardens like this, but here in Denmark we are rapidly converting our, once greatly productive agriculture, into what Americans have been doing (we even call it Americanization, as you would call the integration of immigrants into your culture, as in we are embracing your culture with both good and dire consequences), completely ignoring stuff like the great dust bowl and degradation of topsoil on huge areas in your country. As expected, we initially saw a great boost in production, but now soils are getting toxic, Roundup is reaching our groundwater (we were blessed with clean enough groundwater to just pump it up and drink it without cleansing it, those days are rapidly coming to and end as up to 400 wells are getting closed due to pollution every year, this in a country the size of 16,621 square miles, roughly twice the size of Massachusetts). We now, for the first time in 80 years of recorded agricultural history, are getting less and less every year, in terms of harvest.

I wish this catches on like a wildfire and spreads around the globe so our soils can be rebuilt from the salty hell of synthetic fertilizer.

With love, sharing and community, I'm imagining . Thank you Chris and Llyn for your very inspirational work/fun. :)

Sincerely Tonny

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