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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What are "Garlic Scapes"?

Every year, before garlic bulbs are ready to be harvested, the plant sends up a flower-stalk, or "scape". If picked when young and tender, they are a delicious, mild form of garlic and can be used just like garlic, in most recipes that call for it. They are considered a gourmet treat by many and are not often found in grocery stores or markets.

Fresh-cut garlic "scapes"
We like to chop them up in eggs, saute' them in stir-fries or cook them into soups.

Garlic-farmers pick them off so the garlic plant will send more energy into the bulb and the cloves will be bigger at harvest time.  As long as they are picked young, all parts are edible.

Here's a link to Cook's Illustrated, for more detailed cooking ideas.