A unique and viable approach to establishing local food self-reliance and building stronger communities.

Garden Location, Volunteer Times and Food Bank Hours

Typically, our regularly-scheduled volunteer hours run from mid-spring to late fall. During the winter months, you can come play in the gardens if you make specific arrangements with us. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us by email: ShareInJoy AT gmail.com.

Sharing Gardens Location:
664 Orchard St., Monroe, OR 97456 - MAP
(behind the Methodist Church)
Go to the back of the parking lot, and look for the "Sharing Gardens" sign hung on our Hickory tree.

South Benton (Monroe) Food Pantry Hours:
Open year-round. Behind the United Methodist Church (648 Orchard St. Monroe, 97456)
Every Thursday: 10:00 to Noon
Except third Thursdays: 4:00 to 6:00

Everyone who contributes to the Sharing Gardens, whether through time, money or materials, has access to the harvest. There is a wonderful feeling of camaraderie and closeness that develops amongst the people who help grow and harvest the food and we welcome you to come join the fun! It's also a great way to learn about organic gardening, seed-saving and nursery/greenhouse-management.  We can find a way for you to be involved, whatever your skill level and whether you are young or just "young at heart".

Each year, we donate our surplus fruits and vegetables to local food charities. Currently, the majority of our donations go to: Local Aid-Junction City and the Monroe Food Pantry. We are so happy to know that the produce is going to feed families in need and that surplus will be stored in refrigeration to further reduce waste of this amazing, organic food.

Garden coordinator - Chris
We call our volunteers "share-givers". We hope that, by using this word that those who participate will realize that you are not coming to the gardens to help us (Chris and Llyn) but that you are helping yourselves and helping others in the community. "Our" garden becomes "your" garden.

The garden is a sanctuary for the people who come here; a place where the rest of the world falls away and we can all experience a feeling of cooperation and mutual-caring while learning and sharing valuable hands-on skills. To support the structure of this learning and caring environment we ask that you:
  • Come on time
  • Leave tobacco, alcohol, junk-food and pets at home.
  • Come with a spirit of fun and service.
Most of our share-givers choose one session per week and commit to coming weekly but we also have folks who come more sporadically. Please give us as much advance notice as possible so we are sure to have projects lined up.

We have a saying...
"If you're not getting your needs met, 
you may not be getting your knees wet." 

We've noticed that the quickest way out of a "why me", victim mentality is to seek out ways to be "of service".  Volunteering at the Sharing Gardens feels good because you're helping people in need have access to delicious, organically grown produce for free. 
Volunteers learn about all aspects of growing food organically:
Rann, transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse.

Amy, Cindy and Adri (our youngest helper) sort donated pots and flats.
John and Llyn planting peas.
OSU students, planting lettuce and mulching with straw.
Sierra and Mike paint a counter-top.

Llyn and Roberto, planting onions.
Volunteers also share in our bounteous harvest!

Volunteers also share in our bounteous harvest!
Look for this sign on the BIG Hickory tree - at back of parking lot.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us by email: ShareInJoy AT gmail.com.

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