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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We need your surplus fencing material

We've had a wonderful response to our first request for donations. We have five different kinds of manure offered (llama, sheep, chicken, horse and rabbit). We have tractor work to prep the soil, and various garden supplies: pots and bailing twine. We have raspberries, strawberries, sprouting potatoes (we still need more) and various herbs to transplant when the time is right. Our next big need is:

Fence posts, fencing material and gates. These don’t need to be new. We’re looking for surplus materials that you may have lying around, that you can spare for the garden project.

We need:

36 – 8’ fence posts – These can be t-posts, 4” treated round posts or 4”x 4” treated posts. They don’t have to be new. If we get a few here, and a few there, we’ll have enough for the whole garden. Have you got a small pile of them laying around on your property that you're not using?

10 – 10’ fence posts (to hang the gates on)

Gates: either 2 – 6’ gates, or 4 – 4’ gates (so we can drive the tractor through on either end.)

6’ high fencing material: We need a total of 350’ to fence in the whole garden. Even short amounts would be useful to make tomato cages and to protect the fruit-trees that have been donated. If you have any partial rolls of chicken wire or other material, we could piece the longer pieces together to surround the garden.

We think of this as a Stone Soup Garden, where if each of us shares a little of what we have, whether that’s time or materials, that we’ll be able to grow food for all of us to enjoy eating together.

If you have any amount of this that you can donate, contact Chris and Llyn at 424-2262 or alpinecogarden@gmail.com

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