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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breaking Ground!

This is a picture of the garden site before anything has been done to it. We're looking SW from the garden pavilion.

On Sat. Feb. 21, Chris and I went down to the garden site and staked out the perimeter of the initial 50' x 100' area that we agreed upon with the Garden Committee. We put stakes in the ground and tied string between them. We dug holes with 10 foot spacing for the fence posts. Though at first glance, the garden site seems large, by the time we put in the thornless raspberry whips and the strawberry starts we've been promised, and we figure on the room it will take to grow a surplus of potatoes, squash and tomatoes, we may decide we want to start with a garden almost twice this size!

Steve Rose has offered his services to run a tractor through the ground and break up the sod on top. Chris turned over a few shovel-fulls of ground and says it looks like fairly decent soil. It has worms in it.

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