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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Paste-Tomato Varieties and Peppers We Grow

Here are pictures of the four varieties of 'paste-type' tomatoes we grew this year. Paste-tomatoes tend to have a drier flesh so they are the preferred types for any process that involves cooking them down for paste, sauce or ketchup; dehydrating or making salsa. All varieties we grow are "heirloom" meaning they are non-hybrid so we can save our own seeds.

Ropreco tomatoes: small and flavorful - good in salsa, or sliced for sun-dried/dehydrated tomatoes. We also like to can this variety (and the San Marzano's whole).

San Marzano tomatoes: a classic paste-tomato; very productive - grow in clusters almost like grapes.

Long Tom tomato: these take a long time for plants to mature and ripen but if you are making lots of salsa or paste they are wonderful for their size and a minimum of seeds.

Moonglow tomatoes - sweet and creamy flesh; great in salsa, salads, or on pizza for that flash of golden color!

Here are pictures of some of the peppers we grew this year: It's a bit more challenging to save seeds from peppers than some other vegetables because they have a strong tendency to 'cross' with peppers of a different variety - (if grown near-by) - leading to unpredictable results. But with care and isolating the plants, the process is really quite easy.

'Poblano peppers' (L) - very mild heat; great for stuffing or roasting. 'Cubanelle' Pimento peppers (R) - a yummy, 'sweet', red pepper (no heat) - we love them because they are so productive and turn red faster than some other varieties.
Cayenne peppers (front, left corner) on a home-made drying rack.
Here is the classic green bell pepper; the variety we grow is called "California Wonder".
We love the bounty of autumn harvests! Elephant garlic, mixed peppers and basil - yum!

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