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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Plant Give-Away and Fun-draiser

Striped German tomato
It's that time again! We grew hundreds of extra tomatoes, peppers and squash and we'd like to share them with you, our local community. This year we've begun partnering with three other sharing-type gardens: SAGE Garden in Corvallis, and the Philomath and Brownsville community gardens. All three gardens grow some, or all of their produce to share with Food Pantries, Senior Centers and Soup Kitchens. We are very happy that the model of the Sharing Gardens is spreading and that we can be of assistance in providing high-quality, healthy starts.

Tomato plants - 2015
We always like to provide free plants to those in need, but if you've already budgeted money to buy starts from the store, consider making a donation to our project instead. You'll have some of the healthiest, robust, organic plants available, grown mostly from our own saved seeds. The funds we receive all go towards keeping this vital, local project thriving.

Plant Give-Away and Fun-draiser
Thursday, May 14 -- 10:00 to noon
at the Sharing Gardens
664 Orchard St., Monroe
Behind the Methodist Church

Remember, if you grow more than you can use, find someone to share it with or bring it to us and we'll be sure it's distributed to those in need.

Your donations help us feed local families; please be generous!
Giving does not impoverish, 
nor does withholding enrich.

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