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Friday, May 24, 2013

Tomatoes and Peppers - Last weekend!

Tomatoes in our new greenhouse - 2013
This is the last Saturday (May 25) to come pick-up tomatoes and peppers at the Sharing gardens from 9:00 to 11:30.  There are still over 100 left but there are other "sharing"-type gardens we'll be passing the surplus along to after this weekend.

It may still be early to put these heat-loving plants into the ground. We recommend you keep an eye on the weather and if there's a frost-threat bring them back inside at night or cover them with buckets, boxes or some other protection. We won't have replacements if these get frosted. Local wisdom suggests waiting until Mary's Peak is snow-free, or after Memorial Day (whichever is later).

We always like to provide free 'starts' to those in need, but if you've already budgeted money to buy starts from the store, consider making a donation to our project instead. You'll have some of the healthiest, robust, organic 'starts' available. The funds we receive all go towards keeping this vital, local project thriving.

Please continue to bring your six-packs, flats and small, square pots for us to re-use. We don't need any hanging baskets or round pots.

Garden location: LINK

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