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Saturday, July 24, 2010

When to Harvest in the Sharing Gardens

This post is addressed to volunteers and anyone who is harvesting directly out of the Sharing Gardens for their own use.

Volunteers Cathy, Danielle and Llyn with bouquets of kale

With the warm, sunny weather, the Sharing Gardens are poised to burst into high productivity! The cool-weather crops: broccoli, peas and lettuce are just about done. We've already begun harvesting yellow summer-squash, zucchini and slicing cucumbers from the Monroe garden and have picked a few ripe pickling cukes and tomatoes from the Alpine garden. The modest trickle we're experiencing now promises to become quite a big harvest in the days and weeks to come.
Alpine Garden - August 13, 2009
Soon, the gardens will need to be picked at least twice a week to keep up with them. (Just to give you an idea of the volumes we're looking at, we have close to 200 tomato plants, about 20 summer squash/zucchini and over 30 cucumber plants!) 

We would appreciate it if all volunteers and anyone else harvesting from the gardens, would do their pickings on the weekends.   

This way, the gardens will be picked twice a week and we'll be sure we have enough produce to take to the Food Bank on Thursdays.  

Food Bank harvest - July 2010    
Good news: We've begun having conversations with the United Methodist Church about the possibility of having some canning parties in their commercial kitchen.  We'll keep you posted.

Our contact info is in the upper right-hand corner of this website.

Much Gratitude!

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