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Monday, July 6, 2009

Sharing the Harvest

Well, we're harvesting form the garden now! Hard to believe it's only 12 weeks since we broke ground. We're eating lettuce (though some of it is already bolting due to the heat-wave we had last week), kale and collard greens. Zucchinis are just coming on and yesterday we spotted the first ripe tomato. (We won't be eating it though...each year we save the first tomato for seeds so we're selectively harvesting for the earliest crop. We'll let you know how to save your own tomato seed in a future blog.) Soon we'll have more tomatoes than we know what to do with! The raspberries that we transplanted from Evelyn Lee's garden are absolutely thriving and produce about two handfuls a day (Just about enough to feed whoever shows up to help with the garden on a given day). New, dark green leafy canes are coming up from the roots of the plants. Next year's harvest looks to be exponentially larger!

The intention for the Alpine Community Garden is to provide food for those people who contribute time, money or materials and for the surplus to be donated to the Monroe Food Bank. A few of us got to talking and realized that many folks here in the Alpine area have times when their gardens are producing more than they can possibly eat themselves. Chris and Llyn (the focalizers of the garden) have decided to do a harvest each week on Wednesday evenings, and to take the garden's surplus over to the Food Bank on Thursday mornings.

If you have surplus garden produce, or other contributions you'd like to make to the Monroe Food Bank, please bring them by on Wednesdays before 7:00 pm. If we're not in the garden, just leave them on the picnic table under the picnic pavilion. We'll make sure they get to the people who need them.

Thanks in advance!

Chris and Llyn

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