A unique and viable approach to establishing local food self-reliance and building stronger communities.

Articles about the Sharing Gardens -

Here are several links to articles that have been written about the Sharing Gardens over the years.

"Sharing Takes Root": Published on Shareable.net - a site devoted to the emerging culture of sharing. LINK

"The Sharing Gardens": Published in the Communities Magazine - in Dec. of 2011, this comprehensive article speaks of the structure of the Sharing Gardens and the underlying principles that make it work. LINK

"Sharing Gardens Offer Free Food to All Who Need It": Published on Treehugger. From communities growing free food to Secret Freegan's dumpster diving exploits, the idea of providing free food to those in need is not new to the sustainable food movement. Community gardens are often held up as a great way of fighting hunger and connecting people with their food, but one couple in Oregon is promoting an interesting variation on this idea—the "sharing garden"... To read the whole post, click here.

"Conscious Cultivation: A community food solution flourishes in rural Oregon: This article is a re-post from our new friends Hannah and Tuula - two brave adventurers who are weeks away (Nov. 2012) from embarking on an epic 5,000-mile journey from Eugene, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts. Along the way they will work and stay at farms in order to bring awareness to issues of local food, and bicycling as important ways of reducing one's "carbon footprint". Here is an article Tuula wrote about their recent visit to the Sharing Gardens, and our tiny home in the woods. We feel the article really captures the spirit of our lifestyle and why we do what we do. Enjoy! Written by Tuula Rebhahn, posted on our site. LINK

"Gardening for the Soul": Published Feb. 2011, an early look at the gardens by Sarah Moser for the Tri-County News. LINK 

 "Giving Blooms in Rural Gardens":  Published July, 2010 - an early look at the gardens by Bennett Hall from The Gazette Times: LINK

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