A unique and viable approach to establishing local food self-reliance and building stronger communities.

So you want to start a Sharing Garden!

The Sharing Gardens model for community gardening is a wonderful, efficient, fun way to grow lots of food, build community, support local food-charities and create habitat for wildlife and pollinators. Here are some links to posts on our site that will help you get started. If you have specific questions that you can't find answers for, feel free to contact us: LINK. We freely offer this information for your benefit. If this is useful and you would like to show your appreciation though a donation, CLICK HERE.

How is a Sharing Garden different from other community gardens and what are the benefits of this style of gardening? Overview and Benefits of a Sharing Garden

Our website has become a valuable tool for communication, education and inspiration. Here are links to pages on our site that aid in these functions:

Mission Statement: Like the "Overview", the Mission Statement provides a clear outline of what your project does for the community.

Garden Location, Volunteer Times: We post different hours for volunteers in summer and winter. generally, volunteers (called 'share-givers') come on a weekly basis in the summer (committing to one of three regularly scheduled weekly sessions). In the winter people contact us when they have time/interest to be in the gardens and this varies week to week.

Wish List: The Sharing Gardens thrive on using donated materials whenever possible. We have a strong commitment to salvaging building materials and re-using/re-purposing materials to keep them out of landfills and burn-piles. An up-to-date wish-list gives a tangible way your community can support your project while clearing the clutter from their land and homes.

"It Takes a Village..!" - Gratitude Journal: By chronicling all the contributions to your project (volunteers, monetary and materials-donations) you demonstrate your success and inspire others to be generous in their giving.

Letters of Support: Save copies of letters of support from individuals and agencies as these too help you tell the story of your project and its impact on the lives of people you touch.

Sharing Gardens in the News: Provide links to articles and news broadcasts that tell the story of your project.

Our blog posts cover "News and Updates", "How-To" articles, inspirational messages and highlights of similar projects dedicated to sharing, and reflections on the philosophy of 'radical sharing' and 'full-circle generosity' that is the basis for how the gardens thrive. Here are links to posts in this latter category:

How to Harvest in a Sharing Garden 

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