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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homemade Slug Saloon

Our Eugene friend Bodhi has begun to combine his skills with the computer with his passion for gardening. Here is a wonderful step, by step guide to creating a "Slug Saloon", a creative "re-purposing" of materials that will --hopefully-- keep your garden slug-free. My mom used to use a more low-tech version of this idea, putting trays of beer out for the slugs. Her rationale for choosing this method of population control over the many others, "At least they die happy." So, drink up ye little gastropods. "This one's on me!"

Slugs & snails eating up your garden?  Make a slug & snail trap out of a recycled plastic bottle!
What you’ll need:
  • a two-quart size plastic juice bottle like the ones shown above.  The shape is important.  Note the finger grips on the front and back.  When you cut off the top of the bottle, you are going to make your cut along the ridge between them so that they hold the top of the finished saloon securely in place.
  • knife with a sharp point.
  • good kitchen or utility scissors.
  • felt tip marking pen

With your pen, mark the bottle carefully along the ridge between the two finger grips, front and back.

Make a small starting hole with your knife.  Kids, be careful with that knife!  The plastic is kind of tough, so get an adult to help you if this is your first time trying this.  Insert the scissors in the hole you just made and follow your mark around the bottle,  cutting along the ridge between the two finger grips on the front and back.

If it is still there, remove the cap from the bottle top.  Place the top upside-down in the bottle as shown.  Press down firmly on the top until it “snaps” into place.

 Pour a slosh or two of stale beer into the saloon, and those thirsty slugs will come a runnin’!

Slugs & snails beware!  The Slug Saloon is now open for business, guarding my chewed up baby scarlet runner beans from any further midnight munching by Oregon’s ravenous gastropods…

Here's a link to Bodhi's garden site.
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  1. can we make an effective bait which will keep the snails alive?? like jaggary maybe.